about company

“TELECOM-PNEUMATIC” enterprisewas founded in 1998 by “Liko-Pribor” engineering bureau, which has been involved in development, production and maintenance of ecological monitoring devices, pneumatic equipment in telecommunication systems and all kinds of compressor units.

“TELECOM-PNEUMATIC” Company combines a design engineering bureau and production facilities. The company is always upgrading and is using its own state-of-the-art technology to deliver its products to the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and Baltic States through its own dealer network.

To date the company has sold more than 12,000 of its devices. During many years this equipment has been successfully and reliably operating at different enterprises and industries, including telecommunication, sanitary and ecological monitoring, education, HR management, health care, government communication systems and many other spheres. 

“TELECOM-PNEUMATIC” is doing its best to upgrade and expand its products, thus meeting the challenges of a modern market that is constantly changing it rules and offering new ideas and solutions.
All the company products can be subdivided into several classes:
  - equipment to maintain telecommunication cables, antenna and waveguide transmission lines of radio relay systems, and coaxial cables (feeders) of radio and television broadcasting centers under an excess pressure of dry air (cable dehydrators; waveguide dehydrators); 

- mobile units (electric and pneumatic aspirators) for the sampling of air, water or industrial gaseous discharge in the process of laboratory research conducted within the ecological, sanitary and hygienic monitoring;
  - digital high precision manometers and micromanometers;
  - compressor stations;

  - design and installation of pneumatic tubes.

A long-term experience of design and development, as well as the use of components of the well-known manufacturers from the USA, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Belgium ensure the high quality and perfect working characteristics of our equipment.The company has a permanent exhibition of its products. The visitors can receive a professional consultation of our specialists on structural design, technical characteristics, application and maintenance of all the production range, as well as a consultation on the sale terms and conditions. We are sure that a personal communication and an opportunity to ‘touch and feel’ and evaluate the products before making a choice are much more efficient than discussion over the phone.