All products of our enterprise are the result of intellectual research and original design and development of the design engineering bureau of TELECOM-PNEUMATIC Company.

Quality, reliability and innovative characteristics of our products have already been highly appreciated by the consumers from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Baltic States.


Main product types:

Cable dehydrators (Pressurization equipment)  are designed to maintain communication cables under the excess pressure of dry air, to distribute the air in the maintained cables, to produce digital information (a remote monitoring via Internet) about the pressure, consumption (in each cable and total consumption), about emergency situations, about data storage and transmission to a remote computer for the further analysis. The company manufactures around 20 types of these devices that have different design, productivity and power supply.


Waveguide dehydrators (Pressurization equipment) are designed to automatically sustain an excess pressure of dry air in the antenna and waveguide transmission lines of radio relay systems and coaxial cables (feeders) of radio and television broadcasting centers.


Sampler devices and aspirators

Aspirators are designed to sample the air or gases during the laboratory research:

- gaseous industrial discharge;

- air at the production and sanitary protection zones at the industrial facilities;

- residential area air.

The company produces around 70 types of these devices with a different number of sampling channels (1 to 12), with the built-in internal battery, with external battery, mobile or fixed, digital and mechanical. These devices are supplied with a big number of additional devices and accessories to increase the convenience of their operation.


Samplers for surface and waste waters. The company produces a sampler for surface and waste waters in order to detect the content and concentration of pollutants.


Digital manometers are designed for high precision measuring of pressure, rarefaction or differential pressure.


Compressor stations to feed the oil-free air for different purposes.


Psychophysiological hardware system Khyst is designed to detect changes in psychophysiological status of both adults and children before and after stressful situations (such as road accident, other accidents, etc.) and to detect the talent, skills and creativity; it helps to solve many practical and research issues.


“TELECOM-PNEUMATIC”Company ensures quick and high quality guarantee and post-guarantee service during the entire term of operation of its equipment; it provides installation service sand ensures quick delivery of its products to the clients. Our specialists are servicing our equipment in any country and perform all necessary works directly on-site.